How to repair dog paws

How to repair dog paws

Question from: Aristeo Dela Cruz , What is the best way to repair dog paws? My dog’s paws are red and super sore, I need something that works, what do you guys recommend? Please don’t recommend something that is too expensive.

How to repair dog paws

The only way to repair your dog’s paws is to use musher's secret pet paw protection wax every single day until the paws are fixed…..

There is no other way that can repair your dog’s paws effectively other than using this wax daily.

My dog had blisters because of walking on hot pavements but this wax healed his paws within just 8 days of using it.

When my dog had sore raw paws, I tried almost everything that I could get my hands on but nothing worked until I used this wax.

I used a lot of different home remedies, essential oil and a few of big brand products but nothing worked for my dog until I used Musher's secret pet paw protection wax.

There are a lot of product available on the market right now especially online that will promise to repair your dog’s paws within a week but trust me none of those products will work..

I lost like 230 dollars switching to different products that were useless, some people told me to buy Burt’s bees but it didn’t work and some people were highly recommending "Bayer Dermoscent Bio Balm" but still it also didn’t work.

The reason I’m only recommending musher's secret pet paw protection wax is because it is the only thing that worked, this wax won’t just repair your dog paws, but it will also protect them from harsh surfaces.

You dog is going to benefit a lot from using this wax…..

CLICK HERE TO BUY Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

What I mostly love about this wax is that it is non-toxic, it is non-allergic, it is non-staining and also 100% percent natural.

This wax doesn’t have any side effect, my dog doesn’t have problems even if it licks it off. It contains vitamin E to make the paws stronger and has coconut oil to soften the paws and make them smoother.

I don’t believe in magic but this wax does work like magic since it freaking fixed my dogs paws in about 8 days that why I’m 100% percent sure that it will also work on your dog as well.

You need to buy this wax right now, you kind of don’t have anything to lose since it cheap anyways.

If you buy this wax make sure to use it two times a day to get quick result, use it every morning as soon as you wake up and then use it at night before going to bed.

Please note: This is a wax based product, meaning you will need to wash your hands using a soap after you are done using it, I’m currently washing my hands using a dish washing soap and it does the job very well.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using Musher's secret on their dogs.

Reasons to buy this wax Right Now:

  1. It will fix your dog’s paws a lot faster than anything available on the market right now
  2. It will get rid of dog paw blisters
  3. It will get rid of frostbite
  4. It will get rid of infections such as yeast, candida and fungus infection.
  5. It will repair your dog’s paws no matter what, it doesn’t matter how severe is the problem
  6. It will make your dog’s paws stronger and toughen them up for harsh surfaces
  7. It will help heal raw paws
  8. It will keep the paws from getting dry
  9. It will keep the paws from cracking
  10. It will keep the paws from getting sore after walking on tough gravels
  11. It will protect your dog paws on hot pavements and hot sand, you won’t even have to force your dog to wear boots.
  12. It will protect your dog’s paws from extreme cold that causes frostbite such as ice and snow.
  13. It protect your dog paws on rocks, sand, mud grass when heading outdoors

Does your dog really need this wax? Who should really buy this wax?

  1. It best for people who like jogging with their dogs.
  2. I best for people who like walking their dogs to the park
  3. It best for people who like hiking with their dogs
  4. It best for people who like traveling with their dogs
  5. It best for dogs that doesn’t like wearing boots or shoes, if you use this wax on your dog’s paws daily, you won’t have to force your dog to wear shoes, since it act as an invisible boots that protect your dog paws anytime anywhere

  6. This wax will also protect your dog paws from sidewalks covered with salt
  7. This wax is basically best for any outdoor activities such as, mushing, hunting, running and a lot more.

repair dog paws

Will this really repair your dog’s paws?

Hell yes, I have used it and it worked on my dog, if it worked on my dog then it should work for your dog as well.

I have told about 4 of my best friends to buy this wax for their dogs and all of them told me that it also worked on their dogs paws too.

If this worked for my dog and my friends dogs then it probably going to work on your dog as well.

Stop thinking and CLICK HERE TO BUY the god damn thing lol…… smile

Do you have a cat?

If you have a cat make sure to use this wax on it paws at least twice a week.

I have a dog and a cat, this wax kind of saves me some money since I don’t have to buy separate balms for the dog and the act, this can be used on both pet and it works pretty well.

Do you think this is another shitty product like everything that you have tried?

Well I would advise you to just go to amazon and read the customer reviews just to hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using this wax on their dog’s paws.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since about 96% percent of people who have used this on their dogs are highly recommending it.

I also wasn’t sure whether to buy this at first but after reading the customer reviews I was convinced that it does work.

What I mostly love about this wax is that it is not only for dog’s paws, but it can be used on a dog’s nose too to keep it from getting dry or getting chapped.

Where to buy?

To get it for a much cheaper prize, make sure to only buy it from amazon, they are a lot cheaper and they always deliver on time.

How much does it cost?

Amazon changes their prizes almost every day. JUST GO TO AMAZON TO CHECK THE CURRENT PRIZE

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

Question was: How to repair dog paws. asked by Aristeo Dela Cruz from Ohio

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar Moshe Smith

My dog is at the age where it takes much longer to recover from anything, including even minor paw injuries or wounds, he got injured last week when we were out for hunting with my dad and a friend of mine gave me a link to this post and told me read this article then I bought Musher's secret pet paw protection wax, after using this wax for 4 days I immediately saw result since his wounds were healing a lot faster than I expected.

This wax is not only for paws, this wax also makes wounds heal much faster since it also protect the wounds from bacteria’s and germs that may delay the healing process.

avatar Debbie Carolina

I tried about just every other paw remedy I had on hand, bayer dermoscent Bio Balm, Burt’s bees, Coconut oil, healing moisturizers and Neosporin, you name it but still nothing seemed to speed the healing process, using this wax was a life saver because it healed my dog’s paws within the first week of using it

I would advise people to buy this wax and use it every single day to make their dog’s paws stronger and healthier, I don’t have a single regret from buying this wax, it worth every penny….. thanks to the person that wrote this article because I didn’t know about this wax until I stumbled upon this website.

avatar Monica Hicks

After searching and searching for ways I can repair my dog’s paws, I ended up on this blog post and wow wow wow it was super useful because it helped my dogs paws heal a lot faster than I expected, after I was done reading this post, I went to amazon to read the customer reviews and I was blown away since about 95% percent of dog owners were highly recommending this stuff, this freaking works, I strongly believe that every house hold that have a dog should buy this have, this wax is a must have, I highly recommend it since it worked pretty well on my dog’s injured sore paws.

avatar Victor Reed

This didn’t work over night like many people were saying under amazon customer reviews but it didn’t fix my dogs raw paws within 2 weeks, most people are saying this should be only used once a week, well those people are crazy, I used this on my dog’s raw paws twice a day and maybe that what made the paws to heal within 2 weeks.

This product is definitely not perfect but it worth giving a try since it worked better than everything I’ve tried on my dog’s raw paws, to people thinking about buying this wax, makes sure to only buy it from amazon because it a lot cheaper on their website.

avatar Dolli Anderson

What I mostly like about this wax is the smell lol, it smells awesome and my dog loves it, I’m currently using it once a day just to help repair my dog’s yeast infection that developed on his paws few weeks back, I don’t know what caused the yeast infection but thanks god I have founded this wax because the infection is almost gone, I only have used this wax like 7 times and I’m already seen the result, I don’t know what they put on this wax but whatever they put!! it working for my dog extremely well.

Thanks for sharing this article with us, a lot of website force us to subscribe on their email list in order to get this type of useful information, I just want to say to the author of this post, well done and keep it up….. I wish I was rich so I could donate to people that are writing these super helpful articles…….

avatar Immanuel Protho

I just bought this wax from amazon few seconds ago after reading this article, since I haven’t used it or haven’t received it yet, I will come back after a week or two to update or report to you guys if this worked on my dog’s paws or not, but I’m super positive that it will work for my dog since it also worked for almost everyone that bought it.

I have tried a lot of home remedies that didn’t work on my dog’s pink sore paws, buying this wax is kind of my last hope, I really really really hope this will work on my dog. Please guys wish me luck lol.

avatar Duncan Davis

This post didn’t convinced me to buy this wax but after reading the amazon customer reviews of this stuff, I just thought of giving it a try, well I don’t have a single complain and also don’t have a single regret from spending my money on this wax because it worked. It worked 100 times better than Vaseline.

I have been using this for the past 3 weeks and my dog’s paws are already healed, my dog had frostbite under his paws that was caused by the extreme cold, what I mostly love about this wax is that it is not only for winter but it also for summer.

avatar kendrick Hidson

Great product, it protect my dogs paws very well and it also works a moisturizer, this is balm and also a protector, what more can you really ask for? I’m definitely going to buy this again once this jar is finished, I bought it 4 weeks ago from amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase, it was delivered on time and it worked like magic. Only a fool would avoid giving this product a try since it is super cheap.

I only bought this just because of it prize, I really didn’t have anything to lose because it super affordable, even a homeless person with a dog can afford buying this wax lol. I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this comment.

avatar George Peerson

I tried just about everything that I could get my hands on, I wasted a couple of dollars trying stuff that didn’t work, I used like 4 different products that promised to heal my dog paws within a week but none of them worked, thanks god I stumbled upon this article 2 weeks back.

After reading this article I went to amazon to first check the customer reviews just to hear what other people were saying, well I was shocked after reading the customer reviews because more than 94% percent of people who have used this on their dogs were saying it does work. I’m also recommending this wax because it did also work on my dog’s paws. This is by far the best product I’ve used on my dog this year and it fu#cking cheap.

avatar Ebony Grace

My dog loves this wax very much, this may sound too good to be true, but my dog smiles and get excited every time I apply this wax on her paws.

At first I wasn’t sure whether to buy it or not after losing a lot of money trying stuff I found online that didn’t work but I’m glad that I did give this a try.

My dog was on pains after he injured his was when we were out jogging and this wax healed the wounds within 3 weeks, right now he is dancing and running again because of this product.

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