How to protect dog paws from salt

How to protect dog paws from salt

Question from: Kristina Ingersoll, Can anyone freaking tell me how can i protect my dog paws from salt? I’ve been searching all over the internet but I still haven’t found a solid answer, what do you guys recommend?

How to protect dog paws from salt

The easiest way to protect your dog paws from salt is to just use musher's secret pet paw protection wax every single day, it what works for my dogs, been using it for the past two years and I have never had any problems with it.

I have tried a lot of well-known product to protect my dog paws from salt such as aquaphor Vaseline, Neosporin, Savion, Polysporin and these so called big brands didn’t work until I used Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax that why I’m recommending it to you as well.

After trying a lot of product with no luck, a friend of mine who is also a doctor told me to try this then I went to amazon to first read customer reviews just to hear what other previous buyers were saying.

Well I was quite shocked and amazed by the reviews since a lot of dog owners were highly recommending this cream as well.

I honestly didn’t buy this cream just because my friend told me too but I immediately bought it after reading customer reviews since about 96% percent of people gave it 5 star rating.

What I love about using this dog paw ointment:

  1. It protect my dog paws from mud
  2. IIt protect my dog paws from hot pavements
  3. IIt protect my dog paws from salt
  4. IIt protect my dog paws from ice and snow

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This ointment will protect your dog’s paws from any harsh surfaces when heading outdoors such as jogging, taking a walk, hiking and a lot more.

This is best for summer and winter, if you have a dog then you definitely need to include this on your dog medical kits, it just a must have.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using Musher's secret on their dogs.

  1. This can be used every day as a moisturizer to keep your dog’s paws smoother and super silky
  2. This will prevent the paws from getting cracked
  3. Your dog paws will never get dry again once you use this every day as a moisturizer
  4. If you take your dog for hunting you need this
  5. If you take your dog for hiking then you need this
  6. If you usually take your dog for a walk ever day then you need this
  7. If your jog with your dog then you definitely need this
  8. If your dog loves to play outside then you need this

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This is for every dog owner that usually takes their dogs for any type of outdoor activities……

Other benefit of using this

It can also be used on dog’s nose, if your dog have dry, cracked or chapped nose then use this cream once a day and your dog’s nose will never get dry again.

This can also be used on cats, a lot of people think that this is only for dogs but that not true, if you want to also protect your cat’s paws from salt then using this is recommended by vets.

I have told a lot of my close friends to try this cream on their dog paws and all of them have told me that it works, that why I’m pretty sure it will also work for your dog as well.

protect dog paws from salt

If this has worked for my dog than surely it will work on your dog too, just give it a chance and see what happens, you’ve got nothing to lose since this is way way way cheap.

The other reason I’m recommending this cream for dog paws is because I’ve tried another two product and I haven’t found anything better than this cream so far.

What are the down falls of using this cream?

It is a wax based product which means it is not easy to wash off, you are going to need to wash your hands using a dish washing soap after applying this on your dog’s paws.

It has coconut oil on it, my wife is allergic to coconut and she can’t stand using this cream, I’m the only one who uses it lol.

So if you are allergic to coconut then this is definitely not for you.

But other than that I really don’t have anything negative to say about this cream since it does more than I expected, it works exactly as I hoped and my dog loves it.

I’m sure this has other down falls that I may not know about but for me this is perfect, this is a must have, your dog needs this.

How many times should you use this to protect your dog paws from salt?

You need to use it every single day, using this once a day is enough.

If your dog has cracked paws then use this two times a day

If your dog has super dry paws then use it twice a day, use it every morning as soon as you wake up and lastly use it at night before going to bed.

Can I use this cream on dog’s injured paws?

Yes, this have vitamin E on it that will protect the paws from germs & bacteria’s that may delay the healing process of the wounds.

The vitamin E on this cream will make the healing process a lot smoother and a lot faster, just make sure to clean the wounds first before applying this so it can work properly.

What are the side effect of using this every day?

This doesn’t have a single side effect, I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I have never had any problems from using it on my dog’s paws.

This is 100% percent natural, you really don’t have anything to worry about from using this cream.

The only thing you need to know is: Make sure to keep this cream on a cool place, don’t put it on hot places because it will melt.

Just store it anywhere you usually put your Vaseline.

Where can you buy this cream for a much cheaper prize?

This cream is very cheap but if you want to save more by buying it for a much cheaper prize then you must avoid buying it on offline stores because it cost more.

You need to buy it online, it available on online stores such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Target and CVS, but I would recommend buying it from amazon because they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster than these online stores.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

Question was: How to protect dog paws from salt. asked by Kristina Ingersoll from Dallas

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar Britney Souders

Can I use this cream on my dog’s dry nose?

avatar Christina Cook

Hell yeah you can, I also used it on my dog’s chapped nose and it worked like magic. You need to apply this on your dog’s nose every day to prevent it from getting dry.

avatar David Muniz

Am 18 years and I’m poor. I can’t even afford to buy this cream for my dog, I was searching for a home remedy that I can put together myself at home that could protect my dogs paws from salt, I feel like killing myself right now, I’m so poor I can’t even afford to pay my pills. I live with my parents and it a nightmare…… I may kill myself tonight.

avatar Article Author

Well, I don’t really know what to say but you should be thankful to have a roof on top of your head and that you have food on the table, I have a friend who have cancer and there is no cure, I know a lot of people who are homeless you can’t afford to even buy food to eat, you are here on the internet and you have roof on top of your head and you have food to eat.

You don’t have to complain, there are at least 2 billion or even more people in Africa who can’t afford to barley buy food and have HIV Aids on top of that.

You should be thankful for your life, life is not easy, just don’t give up on your life … you are too fucking young……

avatar Jason Gordon

Hey David Muniz, I’ve been poor all my life dude, life is not easy but that must not put you down, life is not easy for anyone I don’t care where you from how much you have, I’m 23 years old and I just bought my first car after struggling for so many years because my family was freaking poor.

My mom and dad tried their best to give us everything we wanted but it was too fucking hard, I used to sleep with my 3 fucking brothers, even my friends at school used to ask me why don’t I have my own room.

18 is to young, even 40 is too young, there is so much to live for, you are just feeling down right now, that life it fucking hard, sometime you’ll be down and sometimes you’ll be up but that just the way it is and the only thing you need to do about that is to toughing up and don’t fuckin give up.

One thing you need to ask yourself is, what are you going to gain from killing yourself? Don’t give up bro.

avatar Sandra Chan

Good things only comes to those who stay strong, don’t give up and work hard, about 90% percent of millionaires were poor before which means if they can do it then you can do it too. Anything is possible, if you kill yourself then who is going to help your family? Maybe you are the only solution your family has, don’t give up, don’t lose hop and don’t kill yourself.

avatar Twin Bee Jackson

This is to David Muniz, I’m 14 years old, my family was very poor until my brother opened up his own company last year which means I’ve been poor for 13 years.

We only had a 1 bedroom apartment, it felt like my life wasn’t worth living, I hated my mom and dad for bringing me in to this tough world. But I was always thankful because even though we didn’t get what we wanted we always got what we needed.

As long as you have a place to stay and food to eat, you don’t have anything to complain about but work your ass off lol.

avatar Riley Courter

#David Muniz I came here wondering how to protect my dogs paws on summer and now I have to fucking motivate this ass hole who want to kill himself just because he is poor.

Listen here life is tough and being financial stable if not a piss of cake, if it was easy than everybody would be financial stable, the only thing you need is to sit down figure out what to do that will take you out from that situation.

I was poor till I reached 30 years, now I have my own house, my own car and two kids, you think that was easy???? Well it was not. Waking up in the morning to go to a job you don’t like and work for a boss you hate is not easy but it life.

Just don’t give up please, you need to be very strong, I don’t know how you are feeling right now but be strong.

avatar Bob Hosie

If you kill yourself than where is the money to burry you is going to come from? If you can’t even afford paying for your bills but you want others to get loans just for you to have a nice funeral?? You don’t diverse to die yet…. Work first then die.

avatar Chris Richards

Can anyone please tell me where can I get this cream for a much cheaper prize and let the guy Kill himself in peace????

avatar Jesus Cooper

The only place that is selling this for a much reasonable prize is amazon, here is the link:

avatar Chris Richards

I can’t believe the person to reply on my comment is Jesus, Thank you lord smilies embarrassed

avatar Mario Cotez

Please lord help David Muniz to not kill him self I Pray in the name of Jesus cooper smilies wink

avatar Michael Reyes

This is to you #David Muniz, I’m 34 years of age now. But I have gone through too many shelters when I was growing up, I live in the cheapest apartment in a very dangerous neighborhood but I’m not complaining about life but instead I’m trying to get my ass out of here.

That what you should do as well, stop complaining because that won’t help you a bit and start working your ass off and you should be fine.

Only losers give up, if you kill yourself that means you are a loser, even Jesus will kick you out from heaven because even god in the bible say he doesn’t like lazy people who doesn’t work.

avatar Eddy Doe

After reading David Muniz comment I' fucking cried because I can relate with his story, I know how it feels to not be able to pay your bills but don’t give up and work work work work, it 2017 and I work when others are sleeping that why I have what others don’t have.

avatar Johan Fehr

I just scrolled down to read comments and all I could find was motivation lol. smilies tongue

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