How to protect dog paws from hot sand

How to protect dog paws from hot sand

Question from: Lily Perry, My dog doesn’t like wearing shoes, can you guys tell me what is the best way to protect my dog paws from hot sand? I need something quick. I’ve tried different boots but he just doesn’t like wearing shoes.

How to protect dog paws from hot sand

If your dog doesn’t like wearing shoes then your only best option to protect his paws from hot sand is by just using musher's secret pet paw protection wax every single day, this is what I’m currently using on my dog’s paws and it works like magic, you definitely should give it a try.

Benefit of using this wax:

  1. It will toughen up your dog paws
  2. It will protect the paws on hot sand
  3. It will protect the paws on hot pavements
  4. It will protect the paws on ice
  5. It will protect the paws from snow
  6. It will protect the paws from getting frostbite
  7. It will protect the paws from salt
  8. It will protect the paws from any harsh surfaces such as cement, mud, gravels and more.
  9. This will protect the paws from getting dry
  10. This will protect the paws from cracking
  11. This will protect the paws from any potential paw problem that you can think of.

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What this wax does is, it works as an invisible boots that protect your dog paws when heading out doors.

  1. This is perfect for mushing
  2. This is awesome for hiking
  3. This is great when going to a camp
  4. This is excellent when taking a walk to the park

You will need to use this wax every single day before heading outdoors……. You won’t even have to force your dog to wear shoes if you buy this wax right now.

There are a lot of benefit that your dog is going to benefit from using this wax.

My boss is the one that told me about this wax, a soon as my boss told me to try this on my dog’s paws during the summer season, I immediately went to amazon to check the customer reviews and I was shocked by the reviews since a lot of people were also recommending it.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using Musher's secret on their dogs.

I have told a lot of people to also give this wax a try and they all have told me that it also worked on their dogs.

I have told at least 20 people to use this wax on their dogs paws and I have never received a single complain which simple means it does work.

I’m 100% percent sure that this wax is going to work for your dog since it works very well on my dogs, this protect my dog’s paws from hot sand and hot pavements better than anything I have tried.

I have tire a lot of home remedies including coconut oil but still none worked until I used this wax….. Please just give it a try, you don’t have anything to lose this is freaking cheap.

The only promise I have for you is that, you are not going to have a single regret from using this, it’s worth vey penny.

How many times should you use this wax to protect your dog’s paws from hot sand?

You can use this as many times as you need to, but I would recommend you to use it 3 times a day during summer, use it every morning when you wake up, use it before heading outdoors and lastly use it at night before going to bed.

If you use this daily, your dog’s paws are going to toughen up a lot quicker, this will make your dog’s paws smoother, healthier and a lot stronger.

protect dog paws from hot sand

Will this fix my dog dry paws?

Yes, this will fix your dog dry paws within days.

Before using this wax, my dog had extremely dry cracked paws and this wax fix his paws within just 2 weeks of using it….

What I mostly love about this wax is that:

  1. It is super cheap, almost anyone can afford buying it
  2. It will last you for 2 months
  3. It is very easy to use
  4. It doesn’t make my floors dirty
  5. It dries in seconds
  6. It absorbs a lot faster than Vaseline or coconut oil and also 100 times better than coconut oil.
  7. It is 100 percent natural
  8. It is non-toxic, it is non-staining and lastly non-allergic

Is this easy to wash off?

Yes, it is very easy to wash off, please note that this is a wax based product you are going to have to wash your hands using a dish washing soap after you are done using it.

Can I use this wax on dog’s nose?

Yes, this fixed my dog’s chapped nose in about 13 days, I’m also using it on my dog’s nose once a day as a moisturizer just to keep it from getting dry.

Can I use this on my cat’s paws?

Yes, I use this every single day on my wife’s cat.

This kinda saves me some money since I don’t have to buy a separate product for the cat and the dog, I’m using this on both pet paws’…. We all know that pet product can be very expensive these days and this wax kinda saves me some money.

I highly recommend people to use this wax at least once a day on their cat’s paws or nose…..

What I mostly love about this wax is that, it best for summer and winter, I use it on both seasons since it protect the paws from ice, snow and hot surfaces…..

What are side effect of using this every day?

As far as I know this wax doesn’t have any side effect, it 100% percent natural, I have been using it on my dogs for quite some time now and I haven’t had any problems from using it daily.

Where to buy?

This wax is available offline and online…..

I would advise you to avoid buying it offline because it a lot expensive, make sure to buy it online.

You can get it from online stores like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Walgreen, Boots, CVS, Target and more, but make sure to first check it at amazon because they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a of faster than any other online store.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

I hope I have answered your question, if you find my answer helpful please share this post on any social media platform that you use and make sure to leave a comment bellow and ask me anything that you wish to know about this wax. Good luck.

Question was: How to protect dog paws from hot sand. asked by Lily Perry from Texas

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avatar Kenji Wright

does this really protect the dog paws from hot pavements and hot sand?

avatar Ghast the Otaku

yes it does..... the reason I'm saying that is because my dog's paws used to be very sore after jogging and that haven't happened since I started using this wax, his paws were also cracked and this fixed them within 14 days, I also used it on my daughters dog chapped nose and it worked.

avatar TRUdipper

it does protect the paws from hot surfaces, I'm from Lake Havasu City and it is freaking hot here, my dogs paws used to get very very dry after taking a long walk and his paws haven't got dry since we started using this on his paws, you need to give this wax a try, I don't believe in magic but this wax works like magic lol.

avatar Doctor Jim

I've been using this on my dog for about a year, take this from me it does work, I'm from Virgin Islands and it is super hot here, my dog used to lick her paws for hours after walking on the pavement because of the heat but she stopped doing that after just few days of using this.

avatar Jana

I really didn’t believe that this wax was going to protect my dog paws from hot sand but I gave it a try anyways lol smile, well this worked more than as I expected.

My dog doesn’t like wearing shoes so I was looking for something to use that could protect his paws from the hot sand and hot pavements and this wax does exactly what my dog needed, it prevents the paws from burning and prevents the paws from cracking….

To anyone who have a dog that doesn’t like to wear shoes then this wax is exactly what you need because it works as an invisible boots that will protect your dog paws from harsh hot surfaces like hot sand, hot gravels, hot cements and hot pavements… this is a must have.

avatar HOMER Simpson

I’ve tried like 2 billion products that promised to protect my dog paws from the hot sand and Musher's secret pet paw protection is the only thing that actually worked, I bought this wax to use on my dog’s paws before our summer walks and it is very hot here in taxes but thanks to this cream my dog doesn’t have to worry about her paws getting burned.

I bought 3 different shoes for her but she hate wearing shoes lol, what I have realized it that my dog is very uncomfortable when taking a walk if she is wearing shoes and this wax is a life saver since I usually take my dog for a walking to the pack twice a week.

avatar Josh Garcia

Wow you tried over two billion product on your dog paws, wow that some dope shit!!! wink

avatar CXmines

Two things people need to know about this paw wax. 1 it protect the paws from all paw problems and 2 it fix any paw problem. Been using this wax for quite some time now and my dog loves it.

This is not only for dog paws but it also can be used on the dog’s nose as well to prevent it from getting chapped or getting dry, this wax is best for both summer and winter since it protect the paws from hot pavements, hot sand, ice, snow and salt, this wax is a must have for people who have dogs.

avatar Avery Confer

This wax works as an invisible boots that protect the dog paws. Well my dog doesn't like wearing shoes that I bought him so I was kinda forced to buy this wax for him, well this works exactly as it says on it description and my dog love it very much.

This wax is the best thing I've ever bought for my dog paws, I have tried a lot of things including Vaseline and a couple of home remedies but none worked until I bought this wax.

This is not only for dog's though, this is also for cats or ferrets, I use it on my daughter's cats an also use it on my son's ferret and it works.

avatar Kevin Hosford

I just went to amazon to check the customer reviews, this has 4.5 star rating with more than 2600 reviews and 96% percent of the people are recommending it, I'm only going to buy this because of the amazon customer reviews, the reviews convinced me that this stuff works...

I just hope it is going to work for my dog`s as well.

avatar Rune Nordehauig

if it works for all the people that gave it a 5 out of 5 star ratting under amazon reviews I'm pretty sure it will also work for your dog as well, I've been using this wax for more than two years and I don't have a single complain.

avatar Nooblayer

where can I buy this offline?

avatar The Virus

This wax cost twice as much when buying it offline I would advise you to only buy it online from amazon because it cheaper but if you don't like buying online you can get it from local stores or local pharmacies near you.

avatar Altan Sirin

you should avoid buying this off-line because it more expensive, just buy it from amazon to get it for a much reasonable prize, I also bought this from amazon and it was delivered on time

avatar Michell Bencosme

I'm from the UK!! how the hell can I get this wax? I tried buying it from amazon but the seller doesn't ship outside the US, any alternatives?

avatar Madolite

go look for it at not, if you can't find it on then go look for it on eBay, if you still can't find it on eBay then just buy Burt’s bees paw moisturizer, it kinda works the same as this wax.

avatar INTernal Jordan

I'm also from UK and I'm facing the same problem, this wax is not available on, I guess I’ll just have to buy Burt’s bees then.

avatar Ice Sweet Ice

Amazing, I'm just speechless. I don't know what to say but what I can tell anyone reading this comment is that this by far the best cream I've ever used on my dog`s paws.. My dog paws were dry and cracked an this ax fixed them within 2 weeks. I'm very happy with my purchase.

I bought this dog paw wax 1 months ago after reading this article and it was the best decision ever, I use this every morning as moisturizer and it protect the paws throughout the day. I also use it on the dog nose once in two days and it really helpful in terms of keeping the nose from getting dry. I highly recommend this wax especially to people who have dogs that doesn't like wearing shoes.

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