How to prevent dog paws from cracking

How to prevent dog paws from cracking

Question from: Skylar Williams, Hey guys can anyone please tell me the best way to prevent my dog paws from cracking? My dog have extremely cracked paws and they get super dry especially on winter. I need something that can protect his paws from snow during winter that can also protect his paws during summer on hot sand or hot pavements.

prevent dog paws from cracking

Hey, I know exactly what your dog needs, it needs musher's secret pet paw protection wax, I’m sure you have probably tried so many things and none of them have worked, right???? Well I know all this because I have been there myself.

I know what it is like to buy all these product that promises to protect the dog paws from cracking but doesn’t deliver the result they’ve promised.

You might be thinking “Oh well this is another shitty cream” IF THAT IS WHAT YOU THINK then there is nothing I can do for you.

But if you still have that little hope inside you to get something that really works then you definitely need to give musher's secret pet paw protection wax a try because it is what I’m using on my dog paws and it works like magic.

I’ve been using this wax for about year and I don’t have a single negative thing to say about it since it does exactly what my dog needs during summer and winter.

How to prevent dog paws from cracking

What does this wax really do?

First of all this will fix your dog cracked paws and make them smooth, silky and healthier.

It works as an invisible boot that will protect your dog paws from harsh surfaces that cracks the paws.

  1. This will protect your dog’s paws from ice
  2. It will protect your dog’s paws from snow
  3. It will protect your dog paws from hot sand
  4. It will protect your dog’s paws from hot pavements
  5. It will protect your dog paws from salt
  6. It will protect your dog’s paws from gravels.
  7. It will prevent your dog paws from getting dry
  8. It will prevent your dog’s paws from getting cracked
  9. It will make your dog paws smoother
  10. It will make your dog paws softer
  11. It will make your dog paws stronger
  12. It will make your dog paws healthier

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This also works on dog injured paws, this have vitamin E that will make the wounds heal faster and much smoother, this wax will protect your dog’s paws from germs and bacteria’s that may delay the healing process of the injured paws.

I’m also using this on my dog’s nose and my dog’s nose have never got dry since I’ve started using this on him, I use this on my dog’s nose once a day as a moisturizer to prevent it from getting dry.

My wife also used this wax on her cat paws & nose and it worked pretty well…… this is a must have for anyone who have a dog or a cat.

The reason I’m recommending this wax is because it fixed my dog cracked paws within just 2 weeks of using it.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

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How many time should you use this a day on cracked paws?

It is recommended to use it once a day to protect the paws from getting cracked but if your dog’s paws are already cracked then I would advise you to use it at least twice a day until the paws are fixed.

Please note: You need to use this every day as a moisturizer, by using this a day your dog’s paws will be protected throughout the whole day.

What cracked my dog’s paws was because I was jogging with him every day on the snow, but since I’ve started using this his paws have never got dry or cracked even after jogging for hours.

cracking dog paws

What are side effect of using this wax on your dog’s paws?

This wax is like Vaseline, it doesn’t have any side effect.

This is 100% percent natural, your dog won’t have any problems even if it ends up licking this off.

The only thing I can promise you about this wax is that it does work, you are not going to have a single regret from buying it, the reason I’m recommending it is because it what works for my dog.

You are not going to have a single regret from using this on your dog paws, this is worth your time, it worth giving a try and it definitely worth every penny.

It this easy to wash off?

Yes, but this is like Vaseline, it a wax based ointment, washing it off require using a soap, I would advise you to use a dish washing soap after you are done using it on your dog.

Can I mix this wax with other product?

No, don’t mix this wax with anything, it works better when using it alone.

Can I use this on injured bleeding paws?

Yes, it has vitamin E that makes the paws heal much faster and a lot smoother.

How many times can I use this on my dog’s nose?

You need to use this on your dog’s nose at least once a day to prevent it from getting dry or getting chapped.

If your dog already has chapped nose then use this twice a day for a week.

What are the ingredients found in this wax?

I’m not sure the only thing that I know about this wax is that it was made with natural ingredients, it not-toxic, non-staining and not allergenic.

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What are the downfalls of using this wax?

Well there is no such thing as a perfect product, this wax is definitely not perfect, but for me it kinda perfect since it does exactly what it promised on it description and I don’t have anything negative to say about it since it does exactly what my dog needed.

This wax have coconut oil, my wife is allergic to coconut and when she used this wax she almost vomited because of it smell, if you are also allergic to coconut then I would definitely avoid buying this if I were you.

Where to buy?

This is available on online stores such as eBay, Walmart, Walgreen, CVS, Boots and Amazon, but I would advise you to buy it from amazon because they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster than these online stores.

The other reason I recommend buying this from amazon is because you can always return the item you bought if it doesn’t work for you.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

Question was: How to prevent dog paws from cracking. asked by Skylar Williams from Kwa Zulu Natal

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar De la Plata

I needed something to prevent my dog paws from cracking an getting dry and this wax helped me a lot, I bought this from amazon after reading this article 3 weeks ago but what really made me buy this wax was the amazon customer reviews, I was really amazed by the reviews since a lot of dog owners were highly recommending this cream, to anyone looking for a cream to prevent your dog’s paws from getting dry or cracking then this wax it definitely for you.

What I love about this wax is that it can be also used as a moisturizer to keep to paws smooth and stronger, great product am very happy with my purchase, this stuff is definitely worth very penny.

avatar Electrixs Soiunds

I’ve been using this wax for a month and my dog’s paws have never got any cracks since I’ve started using this wax, my dog have really dry paws especially on winter and this product is awesome, I’ve tried a lot of creams such as Burt’s bees and Aquaphor but this Musher's secret pet paw protection is 100 times better than all the other brands I’ve used.

This dries a lot faster than Burt’s bees and it absorbs a lot quicker than aquaphor that why I’m going to buy it again, the other thing I like about this wax is that it doesn’t make my floors dirty….. I’m definitely going to buy this again.

avatar ELUNE

Great article and very helpful, I’m from South Africa living in kwa Zulu natal in Durban, where can I find this wax here in south Africa or is it only available in united states of America?

avatar Zoe Nicol

I just moved to South Africa with my family 3 months ago, we are living in Johannesburg and it is very hot here during the summer season, I tried ordering this wax on amazon but they said it will take them 30 days to ship this wax to me and the shipping cost was insanely expensive.

If you are living in South Africa there is no way of getting this wax unless you travel to America buy it and come back lol.

avatar Tania Griffin

Lol I also just moved to south Africa living in Cape Town well I really love it here but the problem of living in south Africa or in Africa general is buying online, there is no way of getting amazon product when living in Africa.

It even took me 20 days to get my internet connection installed, I really love living here but the internet is super expensive and buying online it freaking tough as hell.

avatar Kourtney Bey

I’m not from south Africa or Africa but I’m from New Zealand and getting this wax is also a pain in the ass for me, I guess the person who wrote this article should have said on the title “for Americans only” because getting this wax when living outside the United State is not possible unless you have a jet to fly to America just to buy this wax lol

avatar Kristina Pimenova

Great article but what about people living in Uk? I’m from UK living in London and this wax is not available on amazon UK, what should I do??? I want this wax so bad since about 95% percent of other people who have used it on their dogs are recommending it under amazon customer reviews.

avatar Bezo The Rebel

This wax is only available in the unites state, getting this wax is a pain in the ass even when living in America, I’m in Canada and I can’t even buy this myself, this wax is only available for people living inside the united states of America, I’m moving to taxes next week because buying from amazon when living in Canada can be fucking challenging since most product I want are not available on amazon canada

avatar XixlzzyMSPxx

I just moved from Portugal to America, staying in New York, I can get anything at amazon and my items are shipped to me within the same day since I’m on amazon prime, I really feel bad for people who are living outside the US because this wax is not available to them.

avatar Larisa M

Good for you, I’m very happy for you, I’m from Brazil and I just applied for a visa, I also want to move to the United State, it been my dream since I was a kid to live there….

avatar FUReplygirl

Why everyone in these comments want to live in the US? I was born here in Chicago and living in the US is not as cool as you people may think.

avatar Lalala Girls!!

People watch all these movies and music videos from the United States and they think United State of America is some kind of a heaven, well it not but it better than most countries out there that why most people want to live here, I don’t blame them, would you want to live in a country where you can’t even buy online??? That kinda crazy if you ask me…wink

avatar Maria Matos

I really hate this website because every product they recommend are only available at, I’m from London and everything thi website recommend is not available at, I feel like visiting this website is useless for me since I can’t buy anything they recommend, I love my dog and this website is very helpful but to only people living in the US. Fuck this website and fuck amazon.Uk for not having these product.

avatar Wenncat

I feel your pain honey, I moved to the US few weeks ago and I totally understand what you are saying, I also faced that challenge almost every single day, most product available on are not available on Let just pray that amazon will do something about it very soon.

avatar Sude Sevim

Don’t waste your time by praying lol smile, amazon can’t do anything about this issue, this all depends on the seller, if the seller doesn’t want to ship outside the US then amazon can’t really do anything about that.

I’m an amazon seller myself, I have a lot of product that I sell at and I don’t ship outside the US because there are too many complications and it cost the seller a lot of money & a lot of buyers can’t afford to pay for the shipping cost most of the time.

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