How to get rid of stinky dog paws

How to get rid of stinky dog paws

Question from: Daniella, Morning guys, my dog have extremely stinky smelly paws they smell like a dead fish or something, can you guys please tell me the best way to get rid of stinky dog paws.

How to get rid of stinky dog paws

The best way to get rid of stinky smelly dog paws is to just wash them regularly using John Paul Pet Tea Tree Shampoo and then apply musher's secret pet paw protection wax once a day. That all you need.

Benefit of using John Paul Pet Tea Tree Shampoo:

  1. It will get rid of the bad smell
  2. Your dog is going to smell a lot nicer
  3. It makes the paws super shiny and extremely soft
  4. It doesn’t make the paws dry since it contains tea tree oil
  5. It prevent dog paw allergies
  6. It prevent paw rashes such as yeast infection and fungus infection
  7. I soothes the paws and kill bacteria’s and germs that cause infections and paw outbreaks such as canine infection
  8. It kills fleas within seconds after applying it
  9. It also good for dogs with sensitive skin
  10. It will get rid of the itch
  11. It will get rid of paw irritations that causes dog to chew their paws
  12. It calms dog irritated skin from all the scratching due to dermatitis and more…..

Things I like about this shampoo:

  1. It makes my dog smells extremely nice
  2. It is the only shampoo that worked on my dog after trying different big brands that increased the itching!
  3. It helped my dog stop licking his paws because of the itch and irritations
  4. It is very cheap, almost anyone with a dog can afford buying this stuff
  5. The coat looks a lot better after the bath
  6. It doesn’t irritate my dog’s skin
  7. My dog seems to loves it and doesn’t lick or scratch as much as he used to especially his paws
  8. It is not too strong and not too fragrant
  9. If your dog have injured paws this shampoo will kills bacteria’s and germs that may delay the healing process
  10. What I have noticed about this shampoo is that it helps my dog heal much faster when bathing his wounds.

Things I don’t like about this shampoo:

It doesn’t last long since I’m using it every day to wash my dog

It not available where I live, I don’t know of any local store or pharmacy that is selling this shampoo, I’m forced to buy it online from amazon and I have to pay for shipping on top of that my order get delivered after 2 days.

There is no such thing as a perfect product, this shampoo is not perfect, I’m sure it has its own downfalls but for me this shampoo is kinda perfect since it does everything that my dog needs.

I really don’t have any complaints about this shampoo since it also does everything it says on it description and my dog smells awesome.

The reason I’m recommending this shampoo is because my dog had extremely stinky paws and this shampoo got rid of the horrible smell within the same day after using it.

I have used a lot of shampoos including 3 big name brands and this shampoo is the best shampoo I’ve ever used on my dog’s smelly skin and stinky paws.

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The only thing I can promise you about this shampoo is that you are not going to have a single regret from using it on your dog.

This is the only shampoo I recommend to people who have dogs with itchy and smelly skin or stinky dog paws.

I have recommended this shampoo to 3 of my best friends and all of them told me that it worked on their dogs as well that why I’m 100% percent sure that this will also get rid of your dog’s horrible smell.

After using different shampoos that didn’t work, my mom told me to try this shampoo then I immediately went to amazon to first check the customer reviews.

I honestly didn’t buy this shampoo just because my mom told me too but I only bought it after reading customer reviews since a lot of people were highly recommending it.

John Paul Pet Tea Tree Shampoo

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other people are saying who have also used this shampoo to get rid of allergies such as yeast, fungus, canine and stinky dog paws.

Benefit of using Musher's secret pet paw protection wax:

  1. It prevent the paws from smelling like fritos, doritos or corn chips
  2. It keeps the paws healthy and prevent them from getting infections such as canine, fungus and yeast
  3. It prevent the paws from getting dry
  4. It prevent the paws from cracking or getting chapped
  5. It protect your dog paws from harsh gavels
  6. It protect your dog paws from ice
  7. It protect your dog paws from snow
  8. It protect your dog paws from getting frostbite because of the extreme cold weather
  9. It protect your dog paws from sidewalks covered with salt
  10. It protect your dog paws from the heat, such as hot pavements or hot sand.
  11. It non-toxic
  12. It non-staining
  13. It non-allergic
  14. It dries in seconds to form semipermeable shield
  15. It has coconut oil to prevent the paws from getting itchy
  16. It prevent abrasions a lot better than the balm I was using before
  17. It has vitamin E to moisturize and help heal wounds and keep the paws super healthy
  18. It keeps the paws from getting sore after walking for too long.
  19. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t make my floors dirty
  20. It is not too greasy and not too creamy
  21. My dog used to lick his paws for hours and he kinda stopped after just using this wax once a day

CLICK HERE TO BUY Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

If your dog hate wearing shoes then you need this wax since it works as an invisible boots that protect your dog paws from harsh surfaces.

This wax is best for hot pavements, ice or snow, you won’t have to buy a separate wax when the season changes since this works on both summer and winter.

What I love about this wax:

  1. It leaves a fine layer of a wax-like substance to protect my dog paws
  2. It healed my dog paws within a week, my dog had yeast infection on his paws that was causing a horrible smell
  3. It 100% percent natural
  4. My dog likes going out for a walk since I have started using this wax on his paws
  5. It toughen up my dog pads but doesn’t dry them out
  6. It leaves the paws conditioned and soft
  7. It is very easy to apply
  8. It is also easy to wash off after I’m done using it, please note that this is a wax based product, you’ll have to wash your hands using a dish washing soap to wash it off.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using Musher's secret on their dogs.

How many times should you use this wax on your dog paws to prevent infections that causes the stinky smell?

It is recommended to use it once in 3 days but I would advise you to use it once a day.

If your dog paws are injured then make sure to use it twice a day until the paws are fixed, use it every morning as soon as you wake up and then use it every night before going to bed.

  1. If your dog have dry paws use it once a day
  2. If your dog have cracked paws use it twice a day
  3. If your dog have canine, fungus, yeast infection on the paws - use it twice a day

get rid of stinky dog paws

Who should buy this?

If your dog have chapped or dry nose then you need this wax, it keeps the nose from getting dry a lot better than essential oils such as coconut oil.

  1. This wax is best for people who like jogging with their dogs
  2. People who hunt with their dogs
  3. People who love going for a hike with their dogs
  4. When going for camping
  5. Best for dogs that run dog marathon

This wax is for everyone who have a dog, if you like going out with your dog then this wax is for you, it best for outdoor activities.

I bought this wax after noticing that my dog paws were very dry and cracked and I applied this for month but I noticed a huge improvement within the first week of using it.

I just founded out that my boss is also using this wax on his dogs, if a guy who is super rich such as my boss is using a cheap product as this wax that simple means it does work.

Caution: if you have wood floor you need to apply it outside of the house because it is slippery after using it, use it outside and wait for it to absorb, make sure to wait for at least 45 seconds.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

John Paul Pet Tea Tree Shampoo

John Paul Pet Tea Tree Shampoo

John Paul Pet Tea Tree Shampoo From Amazon

Question was: How to get rid of stinky dog paws. asked by Daniella from Nebraska

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar Big Stan

Extremely helpful thank you very much for writing this article, my dog has very very stinky paws, the house smells very bad whenever the dog is in side.

avatar Gavin

Lol I can’t believe that this shampoo really got rid of the stinky smell that was coming out of my dog paws, the smell didn’t really go away when I first washed my dog using this shampoo, the smell fully went away after using it for the second time. Other than that this shampoo is amazing I highly recommend it as well.

I’ve tried a couple of shampoo on my dog but they were causing skin irritations and made my dog lick his skin for hours, thank you very much for recommending this shampoo!! My dog loves it very much.

avatar Eric

Will this shampoo help my dog get a girlfriend??? My dog is a virgin, he needs to get laid… his paws smells like fried chips lol, maybe that why females dogs don’t want to bang him.

avatar Rinnah William

Hahaha lol I hope so since your dog will be smelling nice.

avatar Onyx

Lol you funny as hell bro, but there is only one way to find out, you just have to buy this shampoo and see it for yourself and come back and update us lol… good luck.

avatar La Will

For sure lol, this will definitely make your dog attractive since it smells very good.

avatar Tony Surphman

Well my dog was a virgin and got laid after washing him with this shampoo……. Try it out wink

avatar Damon George

What the fuck……. This is the best comment of the year, hilarious stuff dude keep it up lol.

avatar Charles Thorpe

I hope this guy is not serious….. Are you serious??? inlove

avatar Lawrance Otieno

Ladies love guys that smells good, maybe dogs also feel the same way, just try it and see it if helps your dog get laid.

avatar Gerald Okafor

This guy is funny as hell, just bring your dog at my house and my dog will teach your dog how to get laid within 1 day, my dog have sex with 3 of my neighbor’s dogs almost every single day.

avatar Josh Murphy

Just bought this shampoo and this wax 3 seconds ago from amazon, I have amazon prime membership so both these will be delivered tomorrow, I just can’t wait for these product to be delivered since my house is smelling like fish oil because of my dog paws.

My dog paws has yeast infection as well, I hope this shampoo and this wax will get rid of it because I used the last money I had to buy these items, I hope I’m not making mistake by buying this shampoo and this wax.

avatar A Russo

Bro you are not making a mistake, I’ve been using this shampoo for about 5 days and the smell is gone, I haven’t used the wax though but definitely going to use it soon, you need to wash your dog paws with this shampoo at least once a day until the smell is gone than after that use it once a week.

My dog also had a really horrible smell on his paws and this shampoo took it away within days, what I mostly love about this shampoo is that it doesn’t dry out my dog’s skin since it has tea tree oil on it. Buying this shampoo was the best thing I did for my dog this year…. I don’t have a single regret from buying it.

avatar Jessica Thomas

After using this shampoo twice, the smell was completely gone, I’m definitely going to buy to again, I highly recommend people who have dogs to buy this shampoo, it really good and it kills fleas a lot easier….. It smell awesome as well.

avatar Tom Bradely

I wasn’t sure if this was going to work but it actually did, this may sound too good to be true but this shampoo got rid of the smell the first time I used it. I’m not paid to say this but this shampoo is the best dog shampoo in the world, I don’t believe in magic but this shampoo works like magic lol.

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