How to fix rough dog paws

How to fix rough dog paws

Question from: Avion Anderson, Can you guys please tell me how to fix rough dog paws? My dog’s paws are super rough and extremely dry, I only want to use what you guys recommend since you are more experienced than I am when it comes to dog paws.

How to fix rough dog paws

I have something that fixed my dog’s rough paws within 7 days, unbelievable isn’t it? Well I don’t know what ingredients are on this products but whatever they put in this stuff it worked within 7 days and made my dogs paws smooth and super silky. This is a must have for your dog’s rough paws…..

The name of this wax is musher's secret pet paw protection wax and it does a great job in terms of keeping my dog’s paws smooth and protected.

How many times did I use this a day? I used it 3 times a day?

Was it easy to wash off? Yeah but since this is a wax based cream, I use a dish washing soap to wash my hands after I’m done applying it on my dog.

What are ingredients found on this wax? I don’t know but it 100% percent natural

What are things I didn’t like about using this wax? I loved everything about it since it did exactly what my dog needed.

How thick or thin is it? I don’t know how to explain that but it kind of like Vaseline

Does it smell bad? Hell no it smell like coconut oil

Does it really protect dog paws? Hell yes, my dog’s paws used to get very sore after taking a long walk but that has not happed since I’ve started using it before heading outdoors

Does it work on hot pavements and also work on ice and snow? Hell yes, I don’t know how the hell does it work on the heat and cold but it does freaking work

How much does it cost? Go to amazon and check the current prize yourself, it cheap anyways

Will it fix my dog’s rough paws? Well the only way to find out is to buy it and use it yourself, but I’m 100% percent sure that it will work since it also worked on my dog’s rough paws in about 7 days.

CLICK HERE TO BUY Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

What are the benefit of using this wax on dog’s paws?

  1. This wax will protect your dog paws from getting dry
  2. It will protect your dog paws from cracking
  3. It will it prevent your dog paws from getting raw
  4. It will prevent your dog paws from developing blisters because of walking on hot pavements
  5. It will protect your dog paws from getting frostbite cause by the extreme cold
  6. It will protect your dog paws from hot pavements
  7. It will protect your dog paws from hot sand
  8. It will protect your dog paws from foxtails during December
  9. It will protect your dog paws from ice
  10. It will protect your dog paws from the snow
  11. It will protect your dog paws from harsh surfaces
  12. It will protect your dog paws from gravels
  13. It will protect your dog paws from rocks
  14. It will protect your dog paws from sidewalks covered with salt
  15. It will protect your dog paws from infections such as yeast, fungus and candida infection

This wax kind of works as an invisible boots that will protect your dog paws throughout the day, if you buy this wax your dog won’t have to wear shoes.

I have told a few of my friends to buy this wax for their dogs and all of them told me that it worked, if this worked on my dog and on my friends dog’s then it should also work on your dog too.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using Musher's secret on their dogs.

Things I loved about using this wax:

  1. It doesn’t have any side effect
  2. It doesn’t sting
  3. It doesn’t irritate my dog paws
  4. My dog used to lick his paws for hours after jogging or walking but he stopped after using this on his paws
  5. It is non-staining
  6. It is non-allergic
  7. It is non-toxic
  8. It was made with natural ingredients

fix rough dog paws

It makes the injuries heal faster since it protect the wounds from germs and bacteria’s that could delay the healing process.

There are a lot of things your dog is going to benefit from using this wax, you can also use it on your dog’s nose to keep it from getting dry or getting chapped.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

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If you have any questions regarding this wax, just ask me by commenting below and I’ll reply to your question as soon as I can….

Question was: How to fix rough dog paws. asked by Avion Anderson from Arizona

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avatar Sarah Smile

Great product, I hope it will be available again when this jar is finished, my dog had a lot of cracks under his paws as a result of a walking too much on hot pavements and harsh gravels and this cream is perfect!! It doesn’t irritate his paws like another popular paw cream that I was sing before and it really works!! It has a very faint pleasant smell, too, I highly recommend people with dogs to please buy this wax, this was a game changer for my dog, thanks for recommending it because I didn’t know about it until I stumbled upon this article.

avatar Alexzander Carthan

This wax healed my dog’s wounds so fast I couldn’t even believe it, he got injured on his paws when we were out hiking, I can’t say that it helps minimize the scars but it does heal the wounds, my dog’s wounds are healed but the scars are still there and I have been using it for 3 months and still use it every single day.

People need to use this wax every day, I bought this for my mom to use on her dog’s cracked paws but after 3 weeks she told me that she wasn’t seeing any result and when I ask her how many times did she use it she told me that she only uses it once a week.

People need to use this wax every single day or twice a day if possible to get the fast result….

avatar Georgi Ibarra

My dog burned his paws pretty bad last month when we were having a family barbeque, I don’t know how the hell did it actually happened since I was inside the house, he had a 2nd degree burn on his left paws, but this wax healed him in just about 2 weeks of using it daily.

I thought this was also going to get rid of the after scars but it didn’t but I’m very happy with the result it produced, it was very cheap and also did more than what I was expecting, this protected the wounds from bacteria’s and germs that why his paws kind of healed a lot quicker than I was expecting.

avatar Dog LOver

Can anyone who have used this wax please describe it to me? Can it heal my dog’s sore paws??????

avatar Sleepy Tello

The only way I could describe this wax would be, this is a truly effective paw protection and healing ointment, whether your dog got injured or have rough, dry, cracked, chapped, raw paws this stuff works.

It best for dog paw minor injuries, and a lot more, my dog paws have never gotten dry since the day I’ve started using this wax, buying this wax was the best thing I ever did for my dog this year, it worth every penny even though it freaking cheap!!! And yes it will help heal your dog’s sore paws and make them stronger and healthier… just buy the freaking thing. Smile

avatar Tanika Patrick

There is no need to describe this fu#cking thing, all the information you need is on this article, did you read the article or did you even watched the video? “But I’ll describe it to you anyways.”

This is a wax, it was made to protect dog paws during winter and summer, it protect dog paws from ice, snow, salt, heat and harsh surfaces such as gravels and rocks.

Then it can be also used as a moisturizer to make the paws smoother, it can heal injured paws, heal infections and also toughen up your dog paws for harsh surfaces to keep the paws from getting sore after a long walk.

If your dog have wound on it paws this will make the wounds heal faster and if your dog have sore paws this will get rid of the pains and make the paws stronger, I hope that was helpful….

You sound like you are not sure whether this will work on your dog’s paws or not, the only thing I can tell you is that you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on this product, if you don’t believe me just go to amazon and check the customer reviews.

avatar Anna Smikle

Hey guys where can I get this wax for a much reasonable prize? I’m 13 years old, I don’t have money because I’m still in school, I want to buy this wax for my dog’s rough paws, I don’t like asking my dad for money because this dog is my responsibility.

avatar Jermaine hernandez

Whatever you do you need to avoid buying this wax on offline stores or pharmacies because it cost twice as much, the only way to get this wax for a much cheaper prize would be buying it online, it up to you which online store d you like the most.

It available on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Walgreen and Target, but I would advise you to only buy it from amazon because amazon is a lot cheaper than these online stores and their shipping cost are very low.

Another thing I like about amazon is that they always deliver on time. I myself bought it from amazon and my order was delivered on time, just get it from amazon lol. excited

I honestly don’t know if amazon allow 13 year Old’s to buy from their website though, it either you use your dads credit card or your moms, just ask your dad to borrow you his credit card and pay him by cash. Good luck to you and your dog. Such a young responsible man lol… when I was in your age I didn’t give a damn about my dog lol. lough

avatar Sbo Ngcobo

I’m from South Africa, is there a way I can get this wax when living in Africa or is this wax is only available in the United States? I tried buying it from amazon but the seller doesn’t ship outside the United State, can anyone please tell me where can I get this when living in South Africa, I’m in Cape Town.

avatar Dasia Cordoba

I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is not available in Africa, as far as I know it only available in America and in Europe, I checked on amazon for you, the seller does ship to South Africa or in any country in Africa.

But it takes amazon at least 30 up to 40 days to ship such items in Africa plus the shipping cost are insanely expensive, if you don’t mine waiting for 30 up to 40 days then buy it from amazon.

This wax cost 29 US dollars which means be prepared to pay 377 South Africa Rands, this wax cost 13 times more when buying it from South Africa. It up to you good luck lol.

If I were you I would just look for alternatives near you, I’m sure you can find something similar to this wax available in your country such as essential oils, try coconut oil and see if it does work.

avatar Sbo Ngcobo

To be honest this website is getting useless to me because every product they recommend is only available in Uk and US… I’m tired of using home remedies on my dog’s rough paws simple because I have tried so many of them and none have worked but they make my floors dirty instead.

avatar Dasia Cordoba

Just move to the US lol, I’m originally from Portugal, I moved to the United States 6 months ago, I feel your pain bro, I also struggled buying from amazon when I was in Portugal, there are a lot of benefit of living here in the US but it very expensive.

avatar Sbo Ngcobo

Well as much as I love the US I can’t just move there just because of this cream lol, I will try buying it from amazon, I don’t care if it takes more than 50 days, I’ll wait f I have too.

avatar Mello Bubian

I have used a lot of different balms on my dog’s paws and this wax is by far the best thing I’ve ever used on my dogs paws so far and thanks to the manufacture for making it available in India.

My dog’s paws get very rough during summer because it is very hot here in India, pavements and sand can be extremely hote and get to 35 degrees where I Live during the summer season which sometimes can cause my dog paws to get blisters and become red.

Amazingly that has not happened since I have started using this product, this does work and it protect my dog’s paws from the heat very well, I highly recommend it to any person that have a dog at home.

avatar lemonade laya

I just purchased this wax from amazon few seconds ago, thanks to the person that wrote this article because I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I just can’t wait to get my hands on this product, I have amazon prime so it should be delivered by tomorrow.

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