How to fix dogs cracked paws

How to fix dogs cracked paws

Question from: Claire Fox , Morning Dr. Dean, I was wondering what is the most effective way to fix dogs cracked paws, I’ve tried a couple of home remedies but none worked.

How to fix dogs cracked paws

There are a lot of ways that you can fix your dog’s cracked paws but the most efficient way is by using musher's secret pet paw protection wax , I also used this product on my dog when he had cracked paws and it fixed his paws within a week.

What are the benefit of using Musher's secret:

  1. This will fix your dog’s cracked paws within a week
  2. It is very easy to apply
  3. It will protect your dog’s paws from hard surfaces such as sand, ice, snow or hot pavements.
  4. After applying this on your dog’s cracked paws it won’t make your floors dirty since it dries in seconds
  5. It doesn’t sting and also non toxic
  6. It can fix any cracked paws no matter how severe
  7. It is non-allergic
  8. It can be used weekly to prevent abrasion, burning drying and cracking, but if your dog already has cracked paws then you need to use it every single day until your dog paws are healed or fixed.
  9. It have vitamin E to moisturize and help the paws help faster, smoother and a lot faster.

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How many times can I use this day on my dog’s cracked paws?

You need to use it least 2 times a day to make the healing process go much faster.

When my dog had cracked paws I used this ointment 3 times day, I used it every morning at 7am, 12am and 8pm before going to bed, I personally think that what fixed my dog’s cracked paws within a week.

So make sure to use this at least once a day but I personally recommend using it 2 times day if your dog has cracked paws.

Whatever you do don’t use this ointment more than 4 times a day, it against the FDA’s terms.

I have told about 8 people who are my friends to buy this ointment and all of them have told me that it also fixed their dogs cracked paws within 1 week, if this has worked for my dog and also has worked on my friends dogs than you should also give it a try.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

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What are side effect of using this product in your dog cracked paws?


This product doesn’t have a single side effect, it was made with natural ingredients, it 100% natural, you really don’t have anything to worry about.

There is no such thing as a perfect product, every product has its own down falls but for me this ointment was kind of perfect since it fixed my dog’s cracked paws faster than I expected and it did everything it promised me on it description.

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There are a lot of ways people can try to fix their dogs cracked paws by using different home remedies but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try home remedies because I’ve tried a couple of them and all were useless.

fix dogs cracked paws

When my dog had cracked paws I tried about 5 different home remedies that didn’t work, so please don’t waste your precious time on home remedies because you are going to be very disappointed with the result.

If you want quick fast result than you don’t have a choice but to buy Musher's secret pet paw protection wax.

The only thing I can promise you about this product is that when it comes to dog’s cracked paws it works, this will fix your dogs cracked paws much faster and a lot smoother.

You are not going to have a single regret from using this product if it worked for my dog then it should also work for your dog as well.

Where to buy ?

I’m honestly not sure about offline stores, but it available on online stores such as eBay, Walmart and Amazon. But I would advise you to buy it from amazon because they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

Question was: How to fix dogs cracked paws. asked by Claire Fox from Kansas

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar Alex Xavi

Please excuse my bad English, My English is not very good, I’m from Spain, I just moved to America 5 days ago for business, I adopted a dog yesterday but she has pretty severe dry paws, will this also work on my dog?

avatar Article Author

First of all, welcome to America and yes you can use this on your dog’s dry pose, use it once a day.

avatar Alex Xavi

Do I have to use this even after my dog’s paws are not dry anymore?

avatar Article Author

Yes, just use it daily as a moisturizer, it will help prevent your dog’ paws from harsh surfaces.

avatar Alex Xavi

Where can a get this product?

avatar Article Author

I don’t know of any store or pharmacy that is selling this ointment, I usually buy it online from amazon, here is the link, good luck.

avatar Samara

My dog injured his paws 2 weeks ago he couldn’t even walk and my doctor told me to buy "Bayer Dermoscent Bio Balm" and it didn’t work, but after using Musher's secret pet paw protection wax the paws were healed after just 8 days of using it, now it been 12 days and the dog is dancing cha cha all over the house haha.

avatar Article Author

Lol that was freaking funny, thanks for sharing man… I hope he will dance Brazilian samba very soon.

avatar The king of the north

This fixed my dog’s cracked paws within 5 days but I was wondering if I should carry on using this even after the cracked paws are fixed?

avatar Article Author

Yeah, this is not only to fix cracked paws, this was designed to act as an invisible dog boot to protect the paws from harsh surfaces such as sand, salt and more. You need to use this everyday especially if you usually take your dog for a walk to the park, this is best for people that takes their dogs regularly for outdoor activities.

avatar Spencer

Thank you, I also tried this 4 days ago and I immediately saw a huge different after just 2 days of using this cream, thank you very much for this post, it really means a lot.

avatar Lionel Haws

My dog had irritated paws, he was licking his paws quite often and I used this and the licking stooped, I’m definitely buying this again.

avatar Justin 911

Great article thanks, my wife tried some home remedies as well but none worked then I went to Google and searched for "Best way to fix dogs cracked paws" and this website was on the first result, I thank god for finding this article, this may sound too good to be true but this product fixed my dog’s cracked paws in about 3 days but they were not that severe.

avatar Article Author

Wow that awesome, thanks for sharing, how many times did you use this a day though?

avatarJustin 911

I used it 3 times a day, I don’t think using this once a day will fix the cracked paws within 1 week, to speed things up dog owners needs to use it 3 times a day.

avatar Article Author

Thanks for the tip, I also recommend using this 3 times a day until the cracked paws are fixed after that than use it once a day just to protect the paws from hard harsh surfaces like hot pavements or ice.

avatar I hate gold diggers

I usually don’t write comments or leave reviews but it would be very selfish of me to not thank the person whoever wrote this article, after using this Musher's secret pet paw protection wax for about 3 days my dog paws were fixed, I also used this 3 times a day as you recommend in this article, thank you so much, I wish I could pay you to show my appreciation lol.

avatar Ashely The next top Model

You hate gold diggers? Well I’m a gold digger and I hate stingy guys lolzzzzzz.

avatar I hate gold diggers

I’m not stingy, I just hate women who uses guys for money, women need to work and stop depending on guys that all. I hope you become America’s top model so you will stop gold-digging guys who are hard working.

avatar Anonymous

This made my dog very horny….


Are you fucking kidding me?

avatar Shelby

What if my dog ends up licking this off? He likes licking his paws.

avatar Article Author

This won’t be harmful even if the dog tries to lick it off, but make sure your dog doesn’t lick it off so it can work properly.

avatar Shelby

How can I stop or prevent my dog from trying to lick this off?

avatar Article Author

I don’t know but this absorbs and dries within seconds, even if your dog tries to lick it off by that time it would be dry. You job it to prevent your dog from trying to lick the paws before 1 minutes after applying this.

avatar Vincent Shaw

My god this works 100 times more better than Vaseline, I tried Vaseline for 5 days without getting any result but my mom bought me this product after I showed her this article, this product worked a lot faster than I expected lol, I don’t believe in magic but this definitely worked like magic since it fixed the cracked paws much much much quicker. I highly recommend this product to anyone who have a dog at home that is suffering from cracked, chapped and dry paws, this is by far the best thing I have ever used on my dogs paws.

avatar Mikaeel Lum

Will this stop my dog from licking his paws for god damn no fucking reason??

avatar Article Author

I don’t think so, but if your dog is licking his paws because of irritations then this will stop the irritations and your dog won’t have a reason to lick the paws. The only way to find out is by buying this and use it for a week.

avatar Guardian Angel

Thanks to Musher's secret my dog doesn’t have cracked paws any more, my dog had really dry paws and this made them very smooth, it been 2 months and my dogs paws haven’t got dry since I started using this ointment, I use this every morning as a moisturizer and it keeps my dog’s paws very smooth but stronger at the same time.

I was using Vaseline in hopes of preventing the paws from getting dry but it wasn’t working then I switch to Aquaphor and it made my floors extremely dirty then a friend of mine gave me a link to this article and then I tried Musher's secret and it worked extremely well, since then I’ve never looked back ever since. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a dog at home.

avatar Smix

I just included Musher's secret pet paw protection wax on my dog’s medical kit, this is definitely a must have if you have a dog.

avatar NASA

Can I use this on my cat’s dry chapped paws as well?

avatar Article Author

Hell yes, this is not only just for dogs, you can still use this on your cat… I know a lot of people who uses this on their cats including my wife, you don’t have anything to worry about… it super safe.

avatar NASA

How many times a day can I use it on my cat’s cracked paws?

avatar Article Author

Use it twice a day, make sure to also use it once a day even after your cat’s cracked paws are fixed, this will make them stronger and prevent them from cracking or getting dry. Good luck.

avatar NASA

Thanks for responding it really means a lot…..

avatar Article Author

I’m glad I could help…

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