How to fix cracked dog paws

How to fix cracked dog paws

Question from: Trever Emmons, Can you guys please tell me the best way I can fix cracked dog paws? My daughters’ dog’s paws are super dry and cracked, I’ve tried coconut oil but it is not helping at all, what do you guys recommend for cracked dog paws?

How to fix cracked dog paws

There are a lot of ways you can fix your dog’s cracked paws, but the easiest way that also fixed my dog’s dry cracked dry paws was using musher's secret pet paw protection wax every single day for about 3 weeks and it worked like magic.

When my dog had dry cracked paws 3 months ago I tried just about everything that I could get my hands on and I ended up losing about 350 Dollars buying different products that didn’t work.

I bought about 6 different balms that promised to fix my dog’s cracked paws and used about 5 different home remedies and lastly used 4 different essential oils such as coconut oil but still all didn’t work.

I got to the point where I almost gave up since I lost a lot of money buying different balms on amazon, then by luck I ended on a website that recommended musher's secret pet paw protection wax.

After reading that article I immediately went to amazon to first check the customer reviews just to hear what other people were saying who have used this wax.

I was very shocked and very amazed by the reviews since about 95% percent of dog owners were highly recommending it….

After I was convinced to give this a try by reading the customer reviews I immediately bought it and it did exactly what my dog needed.

Amazingly this wax fixed my dog’s dry cracked paws within 3 weeks and my dog’s paws have never gotten dry since the day I started using this.

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Benefit of using this wax on your dog’s paws:

  1. It will soothe your dog paws to make them softer and super silky
  2. It have coconut oil to prevent your dog paws from cracking
  3. It will moisturize your dog’s paws to keep them from getting dry
  4. It will moisturize your dog paws to prevent them from getting rough.
  5. It will get rid or any paw allergies that causes irritation
  6. If your dog’s paws get injured, this wax will also protect the wounds from germs and bacteria’s that may delay the healing process to make the wounds heal faster.
  7. It doesn’t have any side effect even if my dog licks it off.
  8. Your dog won’t have any problems even if it licks it off since it is non-toxic, non-allergic, non-staining and also 100% percent natural.
  9. It is easy to wash off
  10. Please note: This is a wax based product, you will need to wash your hands using a soap after you are done using it. I’m currently washing my hands using a dish washing soap and it does the job.

  11. It is not too greasy and also not too creamy, it the same as Vaseline but it dries within seconds and absorb a lot faster.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using Musher's secret on their dogs.

Things I love about this wax:

  1. It doesn’t make my floors dirty
  2. It is very easy to apply
  3. It act as an invisible boots that protect my dog paws from harsh surfaces, My Dog don’t doesn’t like wearing shoes and this wax is kind of a life saver.
  4. It protect my dog paws from rocks and harsh gravels better than anything I have ever used since I take my dog for hunting almost every week.
  5. My wife love jogging with the dog and this wax does an awesome job in protecting the paws on hot pavements during summer and also protect the paws from ice or snow during the winter.
  6. It saves me a lot of money since it works during summer and winter, I don’t have to buy a separate balm for different seasons.
  7. It works the same in the heat and extreme cold….
  8. I have never had any problems from using it on my dog paws.
  9. My dog loves this wax, he smiles every time whenever I’m applying it on his paws.
  10. It is very cheap, buying it every month it not an issue since it is very affordable, I strongly believe that anyone who have a dog can afford buying this wax.
  11. My dog used to have yeast infection on his paws and this wax got rid of it and then prevent the paws from having any outbreaks.

What are things I don’t like about this wax?

There is no such thing as a perfect product, I’m sure this wax does have its own downfalls but I really don’t have anything to complain about since this did exactly what my dog needed.

The only thing I can promise you about this wax is that you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on it, it worth every penny.

fix cracked dog paws

How many times should you use this wax?

If your dog have cracked paws – use it two times a day, make sure to use it very morning as soon as you wake up and then also use it at night before going to bed.

If your dog have dry paws – use it once a day, using it in the morning is always what I recommend for dry paws

If your dog have raw paws – use it two times a day

If you jog with your dog – use it once a day, make sure to use it before heading outdoors.

If your dog have infections such as yeast, candida or fungus – use it two times a day, make sure to clean the paws before using it.

If your dog’s paws get sore after taking a walk – use it before heading out doors and also use it at night so it can toughen up the paws to make them stronger for harsh surfaces.

If your dog have injured paws – use it three times a day if possible

If your dog’s paws have blisters – use it two times a day

If your dog paws got foxtails – make sure to clean the paws and then use it twice a day

If your dog paws have frostbite – use it twice a day

If your dog have pink or red sore paws - make sure to use it three times a day if possible

Where to buy?

To get it for a much reasonable prize, just buy it from amazon bellow, don’t buy it from eBay or Walmart because it cost twice as much on those website.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

Question was: How to fix cracked dog paws. asked by Trever Emmons from Texas

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar Gloria

fourth application and am already seeing the result, I’m just speechless by the way this wax works, I’ve bee using it for 4 days and the result are just shocking and amazing, I’m just speechless, this stuff kind of works like magic, I just highly recommend every dog owners to give this wax a chance.

My dog have a horrible habit of having cracks under his paws especially during summer because of the hot surfaces such as hot pavements and hot sand, I’m living in taxes and it pretty hot here during the summer season, I love love love this wax and it smells awesome.

avatar Jim Johnson

I’m very happy with my purchase thanks for recommending this wax, it fixed my dog’s cracked paws in about 2 weeks, I bought it from amazon after reading this article and it was delivered on time, I’m currently using it twice a day, I use it very morning and then also use it before heading outdoors.

Jog with my dog every day and this stuff does a great job in protecting the paws on harsh gravels that are causes my dog’s paws to crack, my dog paws are super smooth and super strong, I’m very happy that I stumbled upon this website because it helped my dog a lot.

avatar Wish Bone

I purchased this wax from amazon yesterday after reading this blog post, my order came around 10 am today and I applied it on my dog immediately lol.

My dog have extremely sore wounds under his paws and I’m really positive that this wax is going to help him, right now my dog’s paws are sore in such a way that he even find it hard to just walk.

I used Vaseline but it was fu#cking useless and then tried Aquaphor but also didn’t work, this wax is my last hope, I really hope it will help heal these wounds.

avatar Dayneh

This worked very well on my dog last year when he had cracked paws and fungus infection, we just adopted a dog 2 days ago and he has pretty severe cracked paws, I’m crossing my fingers that by 2 weeks his paws will be smooth and silky since this worked very well on my other dog last year, unfortunately that dog died that why me and my wife decided to adopt this one.

This wax didn’t give me a single problem when I used it on my late dog last year that why I’m 100% percent sure that it will also work for my new dog, thanks for sharing this video and this article, very great info.

avatar Zana Smith

this is going to be the first time using this wax on my dog paws, I don’t have anything to say really since I’ve never used this before, but I’ll come back after a week or two just to update all of you guys if this works on my cracked dog paws or not.

My dog has had cracked paws for about a year now, I have used Vaseline and a few essential oils but nothing have worked for him, my cousin gave me a link to this article and I bought this wax from amazon after reading this article since it convinced me to give this wax a try. .

avatar Jassmanin Joli

this smells like coconut oil which makes me feel better about it because coconut oil is super recommended for dog dry or cracked paws, what I mostly love about using this wax is that it is non-toxic, I only use natural product on my dog and buying this wax was super cool since it is 100% natural and non-allergic.

It only has been 3 days since I have started using this so I haven’t really seen a huge difference yet but it does seem to work, I’ll give it at least 2 weeks or maybe 3 weeks than I’ll come back for an updates.

avatar Rochelle

Thanks for recommending this wax, I purchased it a few weeks ago, what I mostly love about it is that it is more of an earthy, “it is natural” and it smells awesome, I’ve tried a few of product which didn’t help my dog at all after just 8 days this kind of made my dog’s cracked paws smoother, right now in using this daily as a moisturizer just to keep my dog’s paws from cracking or getting dry.

To anyone who maybe thinking of buying this musher's secret pet paw protection wax, make sure to use it daily as a moisturizer and your dog’s paws will never get cracks or get dry again.

avatar Corina Simone

I looked for this for like 3 days on pharmacies around me but none had it on stock and I was forced to buy it online from amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase since it was very cheap and the shipping cost was very affordable, I got my order after two days and have been using it since then.

It been 4 weeks and my dog loves this stuff, I also use it on his nose to prevent it from getting dry, this is not only for dog paws but it also for wounds, nose etc, this protect my dog paws from rocks better than the boots I bought him since he always finds a way of getting them off.

avatar Future

My dog hate wearing boots, will this wax really protect his paws from harsh surfaces? I’m tired of forcing my dog to wear shoes when he doesn’t want too because we always fight lol, should I really buy this wax for paw protection?

avatar Thomas from the Bible

Yeap it does protect the paws from harsh surfaces and it works on both seasons, I’ve been using this for about two years, it best for hot surfaces like hot sand, hot pavements and also excellent on ice and snow, this is a must have, just buy it right now and stop thinking, you don’t have anything to lose this stuff is cheap.

avatar Jay Bryd

After using this wax for 4 months, my dog’s paws are now smooth and no longer red and inflamed, it keeps my dog paws from cracking extremely well, this does work as an invisible boots that protect my dog paws on the ice, my dog used to get frostbite because of the extreme cold weather but he hasn’t got any frostbite since I’ve started using this daily.

A lot of people on YouTube say this wax should be used once or two times a day but I would advise people to use this every single day to get the best result, I’m not even using this once a day but I’m using it two times a day, I use it on the morning and at night and it does a great job.

avatar GoodMan

Anybody can afford buying this wax that why people need to fu#cking stop being stingy and buy this stuff, my boss is also using this wax on his dog’s paws, if a rich guy like my boss is using such a cheap wax that simple means it does work, I have been using this for 2 months and I don’t have a single regret since it works exactly as it promised on it description.

The only thing I don’t like about this wax is that it is very hard to get it on local pharmacies or local shops here in taxes but it not that big of a deal because it available on amazon and it super cheap.

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