Coconut oil for cracked dog paws

Coconut oil for cracked dog paws

Question from: Daisy Wick, Can I use Coconut oil on cracked dog paws? Will it fix my dog’s cracked paws? And I was also wondering if it can prevent the paws from getting cracked and getting dry. Should I use it???

Coconut oil for cracked dog paws

No, I wouldn’t recommend using coconut oil on cracked dog paws simple because it doesn’t work, I’ve tried it for about two weeks and it was freaking useless and on top of that it made my floors extremely dirty.

Another reason to not use coconut oil on your dog cracked paws is that, dogs love coconut and I’m 100% percent sure that your dog is going to lick it off.

So using coconut oil on cracked paws is useless.

Please note that coconut oil can help a little bit on cracked paws but it takes forever, if you don’t mind waiting for more than 2 months to see the result on your dog paws then use coconut oil but if you want something that works within a week or two you better use what I also used.

What worked for my dog was musher's secret pet paw protection wax, this wax fixed my dogs cracked paws in about 7 days, this wax was just a life saver since my dogs paws were extremely cracked and sore as well.

This wax fixed my dog paws in about a week, it made my dog paws smooth and super silky, this wax made the paws healthier and a lot stronger.

If you are looking for something that can fix your dog cracked paws a lot faster then I would advise you to just use Musher's secret pet paw protection wax since it is what worked for my dog.

This wax worked 100 times better than coconut oil that why I’m highly recommending it, if this worked on my dogs severe cracked paws then for sure it should also work for your dog as well, please give it a try you are not going to have a single regret from using this wax, it is very cheap and also worth every penny.

Why do I love this wax so much?

  1. This will fix your dog’s cracked paws guaranteed
  2. This will prevent your dog paws from getting cracked
  3. This will prevent your dog’s paws from getting dry
  4. This will prevent your dog paws from getting sore
  5. This will protect your dog paws from ice
  6. This will protect your dog paws from snow
  7. This will protect your dog paws from hot pavements
  8. It will protect your dog paws from hot sand
  9. This will protect your dog paws from mud
  10. This will protect your dog paws from hash gravels
  11. This will protect your dog paws from getting chapped
  12. This will protect your dog paws from salt
  13. This will protect your dog paws from any harsh surfaces that may harm the paws when heading outdoors.

CLICK HERE TO BUY Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Who should buy this wax?

  1. If you like hinting with your dog then this is definitely for you
  2. If you like hiking with your dog this is a must have
  3. If you like running or jogging with your dog then this is definitely for you
  4. If you like walking your dog to the park then you need this
  5. It best for mushing and more…….. Whether you like it or not you need to buy this for your dog if you want it to have healthier stronger paws.

How many times should you use this wax on your dog’s paws?

You need to use it very single day once a day……

The reason I’m saying you need to use this every single day is because:

  1. It will prevent abrasions
  2. It will prevent burning
  3. It will prevent drying
  4. And lastly it will prevent cracking.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who are also using Musher's secret on their dogs.

If you use this wax every day, you won’t even have to force your dog to wear shoes since this wax works as an invisible boots that will protect your dog paws from potential paw problems…….

Reasons to use this every day:

  1. It is super easy to apply
  2. It have vitamin E that will moisturize your dog paws to make them smooth and glowing every time

Coconut oil on cracked dog paws

Is this easy to wash off after I’m done using it on my dogs cracked paws?

Yes is very easy to wash off, but please note that this is a wax based product, you are going to need to use a dish washing soap after you are done using it.

Can I use this on injured paws?

If your dog paws got injured of have minor cuts then this is definitely what you need.

This wax will make the wounds or cuts heal much faster since it have vitamin E that will protect the wounds from germs and bacteria’s that may delay the healing process.

This also provide instantly relief if your dog’s paws are sore….

What are the things that I don’t like about this wax?

Well there is no such thing as a perfect product, but for me this is kinda perfect since it also protect my dogs nose from getting dry or getting chapped…… this stuff is just amazing.

This wax does everything my dogs need that why I don’t have a single negative thing to say about it.

The other thing that I love about this wax is that it is non-toxic, it is non-staining and lastly it is non-allergenic, it 100% percent natural…….

Where can you buy this wax for a much cheaper prize?

First of all this stuff is super cheap, but I would advise you to avoid buying it on offline stores because they sell it twice the prize it cost online.

It available on a lot of online stores, you can get it from eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Target and CVS, but make sure to first check it on amazon because amazon is a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster than these online stores.

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax

Musher's secret pet paw protection wax From ( Amazon )

Reminder: Avoid using coconut oil on our dog paws simple because your dog is going to lick it off just after you are done using it…

I have two dogs and both love coconut, when my I tried coconut they just licked it off as soon as I was done applying it on their paws.

Good luck and god bless, I hope this article was helpful.

Question was: Coconut oil for cracked dog paws. asked by Daisy Wick from Henderson

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar Madeleine

I also used coconut oil on my dog’s paws for full 2 months and it didn’t help him at all, my dog was just licking it off instead. I honestly believe that using coconut oil on cracked dog paws is a waste of time. I used it twice a day and nothing happened, my dog’s paws were still rough and cracked.

I would definitely recommend Musher's secret pet paw protection to anyone looking for a cream to fix cracked paws, I bought this wax last week from amazon after reading this article and it worked a lot faster than I was expecting. Thanks for writing this article.

avatar Article Author

Thanks for sharing…. I’m glad this article helped you out.

avatar White Walker

I’m applying this paw wax just chilling drinking beer in the garage lol, my dog have cracked, dry irritated paws, I bought this last night from amazon and it was delivered today, I’m applying it on my dog as I writes this comment lol, I really hope it does work, if this doesn’t work I’m going to burn this website down….. Cheers.

avatar Article Author

Lol it does work, you really don’t have anything to worry about, but you need to give it at least two weeks to fix your dogs cracked paws, for some dogs this does fix the cracked paws within a week, but you need to give it a week or two. Good luck.

avatar Natasha Brown

I’m not kidding, this is not a joke, my dog’s paws were red like a McIntosh apple maybe even darker red than that but this wax was a life saver because it worked within a few weeks of using it, I’m very glad that I stumbled upon this article.

I thank everyone that write these articles on this website because they are very helpful, this is the only website I recommend to people looking for ways to fix their dog paws or ways to protect their dogs paws……..

avatar Gemma Smith

My dog also has pink paws, will this work?

avatar Natasha Brown

There is only one way to find out and that is to just buy it and see it for yourself, this wax is very cheap you don’t have anything to lose….

avatar Bradley Ozil

This wax is the best, it protect my dog’s paws from hot mud very well

avatar Josh

What do you mean hot mud? What the hell??? Wink

avatar Bradley Ozil

I’m sorry I meant “hot sand”, I’m from Germany. English is not my first language….

avatar Josh

Lol ohk cool smile but I thought this wax was only available in the United States?.

avatar Bradley Ozil

you were wrong, I got it from amazon Germany official website.

avatar Sheldan23

Great article, very helpful, I’ve been looking for a wax like this for like 90 years and thanks god I finally found it.

avatar Samantha

90 year??? How old are you?

avatar Sheldan23

I’m 250 years old but my penis is still sharp as a needle, I’d definitely rip you off… what your phone number?

avatar Samantha

Go F#ck yourself dude…… I’m pretty sure you are mustabating on my profile pic right now..

avatar Nicky PAw Paw

They need to change the name of this wax to “magic paw wax” since it made my dog stop licking his paws after taking a walk, I’ve only have used this 6 times and I’m already seeing the result, my dog likes to lick his paws after taking a walk to the park but after using this he just stopped licking his paws just like that….

There are a lot of things that can make a dog lick the paws but I think my dog was licking his paws because of walking for too long on hot pavements, this protect my dog from hot grounds very well. Just amazing…………

avatar Honest dude

I just finished reading this article, well I’m kind of convinced that this wax will protect my dog paws from hot sand and hot pavements, I really hope it not a scam or a rip off, I’ve lost a lot of money trying different product that promised to protect my dog’s paws from the heat, I have used more than 7 different balms and creams, I have also tried 5 different home remedies but none worked, I really hope this wax works like this article says.

avatar Article Author

Calm down and relax, I also lost a couple of bucks trying product that didn’t deliver the result i was hoping for, make sure to use this every day and your dog’s paws will be protected from the heat, this also works for ice and snow.

avatar Canon Guy

Hahahaha lol, I’m just not sure whether to buy this or not because I’ve bought too many product that promised the same thing as this wax, where can I get it for a much cheaper prize?

avatar Article Author

Well the only way to get this for a much reasonable prize is to just buy it online, it available on Target, eBay, Amazon, Walgreen and CVS, I would advise you to first check it on amazon because they deliver a lot faster than these online stores and they are the cheapest when it comes to pet medication or pet product.

avatar Canon Guy

Ok cool, thanks for your reply, it really means a lot…. I’ll buy it from amazon than…

avatar Article Author

Here is the link to amazon:

avatar Canon Guy

Lol sure thanks smile

avatar Article Author

It my pleasure

avatar King Rogers

There is nothing that beat this paw wax and it cheaper than what I was using before, I’m not going to mention the product that I was using before but this wax is better than it 100 times more, I use it on my dog’s paws before heading outdoors to protect the paws from the hot grounds and it does the job.

avatar Mike Drake

I’m pretty sure you were using Vaseline.

avatar King Rogers

Lol not exactly, but I also have tried Vaseline and it was freaking useless, I would not recommend anyone to try Vaseline on dog paws because it doesn’t work, Vaseline is only for human skin nothing more.

avatar Big Stan

My dog have cracked paws and my wife suggested that we should use coconut oil, after reading this post I’m definitely not going to try it anymore lol, I just hope this wax will do what this article have promised lol.

avatar Sebastian

Well you are making a good decision by not using coconut oil because I also used it on my dogs cracked paws for about 3 weeks and I didn’t see any changes, I switched to this wax 1 week ago and it is working very well.

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