Best mat for dog paws

Best mat for dog paws

Question from: Julia Ramos , what is the best mat for dog paws? There are too many mats to choose from and I don’t know which one should I buy, what do you guys recommend?

Best mat for dog paws

I’m only going to recommend the mat that I also bought for my dog 3 months ago, this mat is really great, it best for dog paws, it not too rough and it soak mud and water a lot faster.

After buying 4 different rugs the only one that I liked that my dog also enjoys is a Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat and It awesome.

There are a lot of mats that you can chooses from available on amazon right now but I would only recommend what I also bought for my dog, I really can’t recommend something that I have never use myself.

This mat has 4/5 star reviews on amazon which simple means other dog owners loves it as well.

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS from amazon and hear what other dog owners are saying who have also bought this mat for their dogs.

You will be very amazed by the reviews since about 95% percent of dog owners are also recommending it.

My brother who is a vet is the one that told me to give this mat a try and I don’t have a single regret from taking his advice.

To be honestly didn’t buy this mat just because my brother told me too but I only bought it because of the customer reviews.

I was blown away by the reviews that why I bought this mat, I was sure that it was also going to be great for my dog since about 95% percent of other previous buyers were highly recommending it.

I’m also recommending this mat to you simple because I love it and I’m pretty sure that my dog loves it as well, I wish my dog could talk so I can ask him if he loves it or not lol.

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What are the things I didn’t like about this mat?

Well I really don’t have any negative thing to say about this mat since my dog loves relaxing on it for almost the whole day, if my dog relax on it then it got to be good.

The only thing I didn’t like about this mat was not being delivered on time, it was delivered 2 days late, but after receiving it I was the happiest man in the world lol.

There is really nothing more to say about this mat, the only thing I’m 100 percent sure off is that you are not going to have a single regret from buying it, I personally believe that it is worth every penny.

I’m not saying that your dog will love this mat just because my dog loves it too, but what I’m saying is that there is a 99.9% chance that your dog is going to love it too since about 96% percent of its previous buyers are highly recommending it under amazon reviews.

what is the Best mat for dog paws

If about 96 percent of other dog owners are recommending it, it should also work for your dog as well.

Things that I loved about this mat

  1. It is not rough
  2. My dog has really sensitive paws and he loves this mat a lot which means it not too rough on him.
  3. My dog loves relaxing on it for the whole day
  4. It soak up dirt a lot easier and much faster
  5. It soak up water and mud pretty easily
  6. It wasn’t expensive like most dog mat that are available on the market right now
  7. It soak up about 99.9% percent mud on my dog paws
  8. It is very easy to wash and it is also machine washable

What are the cool features this mat have?

I’m not a good reviewer, I’m not good in convincing anyone into buying anything, I don’t know of any cool features this mat has lol.

When I was reading the product description of this mat at amazon, the manufacture of it listed at least 14 cool features that this mat has but I honestly think those features were bull shit lol.

All the features they listed are only things to try convince people to buy it, this is just a mat, there is nothing special about it, but my dog loves it and that is the only thing that makes me happy.

I have told about 3 of my best friends who buy this mat for their dogs and all three of them told me that they loved it….

I also shared this mat on my Facebook page and about 14 of my Facebook fiends in boxed me and told me that they loved it, I have never received a single complain from recommending this mat that why I’m kinda 100% sure that you’ll like it as well.

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat From Amazon

Question was: what is the best mat for dog paws. asked by Julia Ramos from Madrid

Do you have any questions related to dog paws? Then ask us by clicking here, we are happy to help you, your dog deserves healthy, strong, soft and silky smooth paws….

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avatar Young Cosmo

I’m very happy with the way it works but I’m not very happy with the design.

avatar Blue Angel

Who cares about the design? This mat works wonders…

avatar Monster Book

I bought two of these and they were a little too pricey but worth every penny, I don’t have a single regret from spending a dime on these mats, I would recommend the dark brown mat though since it doesn’t show the mud.

avatar A Slot

my son’s dog goes outside every two seconds and come back with dirty paws then make my wood floor super dirty, it came to the point where I was so pissed I immediately went to amazon to buy this mat, I bought this rug after reading customer reviews since a lot of dog owners were also recommending it. Great product I’m very happy with my purchase.

avatar Jacon Brown

It was my dog’s birth day on Friday and a friend of mine that I work with surprised me with this mat, it the best birthday gift my dog has ever received.

avatar Sean Young

The person who wrote this review didn’t review this mat, he didn’t list any pros and coins…

avatar Steve Bale

This is not a review, he was recommending a mat that he also bought for his dog, it better than fake reviews that you’ll find all over the internet, people review product that they have never used these days…. Go to blogs and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

avatar Wale Adams

Hey #Sean, this was not a review, he was recommending what also worked well for his dogs and #Steve you are damn right, I’m tired of online fake reviews.

avatar KatIzquierdo

Wow wow wow wow and wow, this is one hell of a mat, it just awesome, my dog stepped on to the rug and within seconds the mud was gone… this was the first time using it since it was delivered this morning, I’m very happy with my purchase thanks for recommending this mat. To anyone thinking of getting this mat, make sure to only buy the dark brown because it doesn’t show the mud.

avatar Nicole solo

It raining a lot this week and this mat keeps our house clean since my 5 year old son love to play outside with the dog. Greats product. I highly recommend it if you stay in a city that rains often because this can soak the mud and water pretty fast.

avatar Bjorn Roesbeke

At first I wasn’t quite sure whether to buy it or not since it was kind of expensive for me, I’m 14 years old and I’m still in school, I don’t have a lot of money but I’m very glad I spent my last 23 dollars on this mat and thanks to amazon for free shipping.


My wife just came home with a very large dog that have huge paws and this mat is a life saver, I am a clean freak and this mat helps a lot, this dog was really making the floor dirty before buying this, I’m very happy with it and my order was delivered on time.

If you want to buy this mat online, make sure to only buy it from amazon because they are a lot cheaper and they deliver a lot faster than eBay or Walmart.

avatar Jim Smyth

I wasn’t too happy with the mat I bought last year so I just switched to this Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat last week and it does everything I needed from it, to be honest it works very well but I hate the design it looks terrible.

avatar DipDoodle

What is the use of having a beautiful useless mat? It better having an ugly mat that does soak the mud and water, the appearance really doesn’t matter, this mat works like magic.

avatar ATmatter

My wife buy’s a lot of shitty products for our dog and this is the only good or decent purchase she has made in a while, I’m very happy with this mat, I criticize my wife a lot when it comes to buying dog product but I was very amazed by this mat, every house hold need this mat but only if they have a dog lol.

avatar Samantha Brim

The only thing I hated about this mat was not knowing about it a lot sooner, me and my friend share a flat and he usually complains about my dog messing up the floor but after buying this mat he has never said anything.

avatar Aluminious Eye

Wow, I was very impressed by the amount of water it soaked on my dog paws after stepping on it and it soak the mud better than the mat I was using before, but it doesn’t soak the mud like it claims on it description but other than that great mat.

avatar Scuinge

I ordered 3 of these rugs on amazon last night, I’m still waiting for my order… I hope it will do everything it claimed on it description.

avatar Ansley Greedhun

It cheap and it works, it soak the mud and water better than the rug my mom bought last month. This is an amazing product that every dog owner should have at home.


3 things you need to know about this mat, it awesome, it good and it amazing…

avatar JJ's Pokemon

I bought this mat few months ago and my wife wash it almost every week and the color of it haven’t even faded, I’m buying another 3 since I haven’t got any problems from the one I bought 4 months back.

avatar iDuibbzer

My girlfriend just moved in with me and she is a clean freak, she was complaining a lot about the dog getting the floor dirty, after buying this mat me and my girlfriend have never had a single argument… my dog almost broke up my relationship lol. This mat kind of saved my relationship in a way.

avatar Alex Bartlett

Awesome mat with the best quality, I have washed it like 10 times and it still together, I highly recommend it to stingy people because this will probably last you for the next two years.

avatar Carl Filion

I bought this mat 8 months ago and it still looks exactly the same as the day I bought it, well not exactly but it doesn’t look old at all, the quality of this mat is out of this world.

avatar DannyBoy

It works better than the old rug, my dog is always in and out of the house and this mat helps us a lot because it keeps the floor clean, I’m 57 years old and my 18 year old daughter is the one that bought this mat for us, I’m very happy with it.

I love this mat very much, I was very happy with the old mat that I got from Walmart but this Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat is way better than the old mat we had.

avatar JoyCon Boi

I bought this mat so my dog could wipe his paws but he just sit on it for hours…

avatar Dante Adams

My dog told me that this mat makes him want to dance all day because it very soft on his paws, how cool is that??? Awesome mat hahaha (-_-).

avatar WeeGun

Well my dog also told me that I should buy another one for his girlfriend…..

avatar Rayquazagaurde

Wow this mat has to be good if it made your dog’s talk, I’m definitely going to buy it right now, let hope my dog will also say something lol.

avatar Snakatcthegamer

Nothing can beat this, my dog gave me 30$ dollars to buy this mat for her

avatar The Infiniity Bro

Your dog got to be the richest dog in America right now, I bet your dog is richer than bill gate’s dog

avatar Marnik

Well my dog is not rich but she is dating bill gates dog, my dog is a gold digger…

avatar Coetana X

What up with these shitty comments?

avatar Random Person

Lol I don’t know what the hell is going on but it seems like their dogs started to talk after they bought this mat lol.

avatar Retarded Monkey

Best mat ever, my dog can’t live without it

avatar KIWI


avatar Retarded Monkey

Lol not really

avatar Uhh Maybe

Nice nice nice, easy to wash and soak mud and water a lot quicker than my old rug, I really love the dark brown mat since it doesn’t show the mud, the old mat we had was yellow and I just got tired of washing it every after 4days, I bought this Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat 4 weeks ago and have never washed it.

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